Group management

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Account Owners, Super Admins, and User Admins can create and manage groups to streamline administration and access to flows. You can use groups to assign workflow steps, share flows, and more.

Creating groups

Go to Admin > Group Management, then click Create Group to build a new user group. In the popup box, enter a name for the group and choose the users.

You can add groups you’ve already created. When you are finished, click Save to create the group.

You can see the count of active groups on the top right corner of the screen.

Editing and deleting groups

To update a particular group, click the Edit button (). You can change the name of the group or change the members. Click the Delete button () to permanently delete the group.

Identifying which groups a user is in

You can view all the groups a user belongs to by going to the User Management tab and finding the Groups column.

In addition to seeing the active groups a user is a part of (in green), you can also see the inherited groups (in blue). 

In an inherited group, a user indirectly becomes a part of the group when one of their groups is added to another one. 

For example, in the above image, Pepper is part of the group Military Technologies. That entire group was added as a part of Ordinance Operations. So, Pepper is also a part of Ordnance Operations, but will be removed if her group is removed.

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