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Kissflow is a digital workplace with tools to help you handle any kind of work that comes your way. 


The first screen you see when you sign in is the Home page. At the top, you can quickly create new posts in channels you belong to. Or you can view the feed of all the flows that you’re part of and react to posts and make comments. 

Search everything

The search bar at the top of the screen lets you find everything in Kissflow. You can search for flows, datasets, users, or even content inside of channels. There are also quick actions under flows to create a new post, initiate an item, view your tasks, or see reports. 

My tasks

On the sidebar, there’s a link to My Tasks. This is a list of all the items across all your processes, projects, and cases that are waiting for your action. If you only want to see the tasks from a particular process, project, or case, you can select it from either the Most Used section or the Search bar.  

When you open an item, you can see the form that was configured by the Flow Admin. Some data may be editable, and other data might be read-only. On the right, you can see where the item is in the workflow. At the bottom are all the actions you can take. If you Submit or Approve the item, it will move to the next step. However, there may be data validations in the form you need to check first. 

There may be other actions to take on the form depending on how the Flow Admin has set it up. These include:

  • Reassigning this task to another user
  • Sending the item back to a previous step
  • Rejecting the item back to the beginning

Data you enter in your form is not saved until you either perform an action, or click Save. Save your form if you are going to leave the form and come back later.  

My items

My Items is a list of all the process, projects, and case items that you started, but aren’t necessarily waiting on your action. You can check to see what step they are in, and who is assigned to that step.

In progress shows all the items you started that are currently in any step of the workflow.

Not started shows draft items that you initiated, but haven’t yet submitted into the workflow. You can click on these to open and submit them, or perform a bulk delete.  

Completed shows all the items you started that are not currently in progress. This includes those that finished the workflow, were rejected, or those you withdrew. 

Click on any item to see more information about it. 


On the sidebar is a list of the flows you use most often. These include processes, projects, cases, and channels. 


If you click on a process, you’ll first go to the feed where you will see all the latest actions that have taken place. You can also make a post to this feed and tag others. 

You see the same My Items and My Tasks tabs, but here, they are only for this specific process. If you want to initiate a new item, click the New Item button. A form will pop up and you can enter your information and submit it into the workflow. You can also view Reports and control your notification preferences

Learn more about using processes or creating your own process


If you click on a project, you’ll see a Kanban board. You can click New Item to start a new card on the board. Drag and drop items across steps and assign them to different users. 

Learn more about using projects or creating your own project.  


If you click on a case, the layout will be very similar to projects. However, with cases, you can have multiple resolutions. Also, some cases can be structured so that users can only raise items and not work on them on the board. 

Learn more about using cases or creating your own case


If you click on a channel, you’ll see a place to create a new post and also view a feed of posts that you can react to and leave comments on. 

Learn more about creating your own channel.

View all flows

If you click View all flows, you’ll see the Explorer, which shows all the flows in your account. From here, you have lots of ways to search for the flows you are looking for, such as by category, or by type.

Create a flow

If you click Create Flow, you’ll go to the Kissflow Marketplace. Your ability to create flows is determined by your Account Admin. From here, you may be able to either create a new flow from scratch, or install a prebuilt flow to your account. 

Learn more about the different types of flows. 

After creating a flow, you may require an Account Admin to approve it before you can use it.  


In the top right corner of your screen, you can see all of your notifications. This includes all notifications about your posts, task assignments, and @ mentions. Click Show all to go to your notifications page where you can see previews of all new items. 

Learn more about configuring your email and in-app notifications here

Profile options

If you click on your profile image, you’ll see even more options:

The My Profile page lets you update your profile data, set preferences, configure notifications, and generate API keys.

Integrations will show all the integrations that you’ve created within flows. 

Show notifications lets you show or hide desktop notifications.

Help takes you to our documentation, where you can find more information about all of our features. 

Sign out takes you out of the system. 

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