Field appearance

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In the live form, your field will appear the exact same way it looks when you create it in the editor. 

However, you can change the appearance of certain fields to make them stand out. 

Changing the default field appearance

To configure these settings, click the field and then click Appearance on the left side. 

There are six choices for colors and six choices for the font size. By default, the field will show in the smallest font size. 

Adding appearance rules

Appearance rules let you change the appearance depending on other data in the form. For example, you may want a number field to change color if the value is negative. 

For this example, click Add Appearance Rule. Then select Less than and enter the value 0. Then select the color you want it to be if the value is below zero. 


Note: Appearance rules are based on the field type and match the same used for field validations.

Use the Preview option at the bottom of the screen to see how your field will display. 

You can add multiple appearance rules for each field.   

Changing the appearance based on the step

If you want to change the appearance of a field depending on what step it is in, you can do that in the Permissions tab. 

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