Number, Slider, and Rating fields

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There are three fields that store data as a number.  

Number field

In a Number field, users can only enter digits. You can also set the number of decimal places shown.


There are many expressions and formulas you can use with numbers.


There are 6 types of validations you can use with a number field:

  • Equal to
  • Not equal to
  • Greater than
  • Greater than or equal to
  • Less than 
  • Less than or equal to

Slider field

The slider field lets users select a number from a defined range and stores the value as a number. 


Here are the additional fields to use when setting up a slider field:

  • Minimum value is the lowest possible value.
  • Maximum value is the highest possible value.
  • Interval size is the distance between accepted values. In the example above, users can only select 10, 20, 30, etc.

The values displayed on the slider in the live form are auto-generated and cannot be edited. 

You can set a default value for the slider to display when the form first loads.  

The stored values can be used in any number expression.

Rating field

The rating field allows users to submit star ratings. It is commonly used for collecting feedback. The value is stored as a number (0-5). 

In the live form, when a star is selected, all stars to the left of the selection will fill automatically. Users can double click on the stars to reset them to zero. 


If you set a default value, those stars will be prefilled when the form is loaded. Otherwise, there will be no stars selected when the field loads. 

The stored values can be used in any number expression.

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