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For each workflow step in a process, you need to assign a user. When you first add a step, or when you click Change on an existing step, you’ll see a screen like this:

Assign to a static user

Individually select a user or set of users who will always be the one to perform this step. Click the dropdown and begin to type the name and then click the user. If you want to select multiple users, be sure to clarify later how many must approve in the Assignment Options.

Assign to a group

Your Account Admin may have created predefined groups that will display if you start typing the name of the group. 

Assign to a user field

Any user field that you configured in your form will display here. For example, if you have a user field in your form called Department Head, you can assign this step to whomever is selected. 

The system automatically generates the Created by field to assign the task to the person who started the item. 

User fields are a good way to create a dynamic assignment where the person performing a step can be selected in the middle of the workflow. 

Choose assignees from other sources

If you click this, you’ll see new options to Add by User Filter, Add by Dataset, or Add by Formula.

Add by User Filter

This is useful if you want to use information stored in the User Management table (such as the department or manager) to select the assignee. 

When you select this option, a pop up will appear. 

Choose a Field, Operator, Type, and map a value or a field based on the type. You can also add conditions to limit the values shown.

Add by Dataset

You may have your own matrix set up in a separate dataset. For example, you may want to assign a task to a functional manager who is not the manager mentioned in the User Management table. 

Create a dataset and make sure to have one field be a user field and deselect the box that allows multiple users to be selected. For example, we can have a dataset called Employee Master, and a field called Functional Manager.

On the workflow step, click Add by Dataset. Select the correct dataset and then select the correct user field in your dataset.  

To add a filter, Click +Add Filter. For example, Department Name must be equal to the value Product Management. Now only the manager’s of the Product Management department will be assigned to this step.

Add by Formula 

You can use system fields and functions to write a formula. If you want the step to be assigned to the initiator’s manager, you can use a formula like this: 


Assigning a step by multiple methods

It is possible to choose multiple methods to assign the step. For example, you might have selected a single user, but also used a dataset. In such cases, the item is given to all assignees who meet the conditions. You will need to configure the advanced options to determine if all of them need to approve the item or just some of them. 

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