Deleting process items

Modified 4 years ago

By default, all process items are saved forever as soon as they are created as a draft. If you want to delete requests, here are a few ways to do it. 

Deleting items as a user

Users can delete their own drafts. However, they cannot delete items after they have been submitted. They can withdraw an item, but it will remain as a record in the system forever. 

To delete a draft, go to the process you want and click My Items. Under Draft, select the checkbox and then click Delete

Delete items as a Flow Admin

Flow Admins are the only ones who can delete items that are either in progress or completed. 

Click the More options button () and then Process Administration. This page gives you information about every item in your process. Flow Admins can make changes to any item. 

To delete an item, select the checkbox and then click Delete. This will erase all the data associated with the item  entirely with the Kissflow account.

Deleting test data

If you are just building your process, you may have a lot of test data that you want to delete. You can follow the same steps as above. 

However, a better option is to use the Preview option when creating the workflow. This will let you quickly add data and see how it performs in the workflow. All test data is deleted by clicking the Reset button.  

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