Flow settings

Updated 2 months ago by Abhiram

Account Owners and Super Admins can control who is able to create new flows in Kissflow.

For all types of flows, you can change the settings for Who can create a new flow? There are three options:

  • Anyone: All users in the organization can create a new flow without approval.
  • Super Admins only: Only the Account Owner and Super Admins can create a new flow.
  • Anyone, after the approval of: All users can create a new flow after one among the specified approvers approves the new flow request.

When you make a change to existing flow settings, all changes to these settings will only affect new flow requests, not those already created.


Channels has an additional option. If you click Disable channels, existing channel data will be inaccessible and you will not be able to create any new channels until you uncheck this option.

You cannot disable system-generated channels like Everyone.

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