Deleting a flow

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When you no longer need a project, case, process, or channel, you can archive or delete it. 

If you archive a flow, no one can use it, but all of the data is retained. It can be discovered only through the View all flows link.

If you delete a flow, all flow data is permanently erased.

Archiving and unarchiving a flow

To archive a flow, click the More options button () on the main page of your flow, and then click the archive button.

To unarchive a flow, click View all flows in the left navigation panel to open the Explorer

Enter the name of the archived flow in the search box or click the Archived checkbox under the section called Status. Click the flow you have archived.

On the flow page, there is a button that allows you to unarchive the flow. When you unarchive a flow, your form, workflow, and all item history will be restored to what it was when you archived it.

Deleting a flow

To permanently delete a flow, follow the same steps as unarchiving. When you get to the flow page, in the upper right corner is a button to delete the flow. 

Once you delete a flow you will lose all related data.

For example, here's how you can delete an archived process.

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