Creating and administering a list

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Creating a list

There are two ways to create a list.

First, click Create Flow from the sidebar. Then click the List tab, click +Create from Scratch. Enter the list name. You can also optionally add a description and category to help you organize and find your list later. Click Create.

Second, in the Form editor, when you select either a dropdown, checklist, or multi-select field, there is a field called Which list to use?. If you do not already have a list, click Create new list.

You will see a popup where you can:

  • name the list
  • give an optional description
  • assign it to a category
  • add list values

Finding your list

There are three ways to access your list.

First, you can access your list any time from the same form field that you used to create your list.

Second, you can use the Search everything box at the top of your screen. Type the name of the list and click on the correct option.

Third, you can click View All on the sidebar to open the Explorer. From here, you can either search, or you can click the Sort icon and select Sort by type. Then select Lists and find the one you are looking for.

Renaming a list

To rename a list, go to the list home page and click on the name of the list. When finished, click Enter, or simply click off the name. You can change the description in the same way. All changes are auto-saved.

Editing list values

You can edit the values of the list directly from the list home page by clicking on the cells and making changes. Click Enter or Tab when finished and changes will be autosaved. You can also copy+paste values from a spreadsheet. A maximum of 250 items can be created or pasted within the list.

List values can also be edited when selecting them from the Form Editor. Open the dropdown, checkbox, or checklist field where the list is used, and click Edit list.

Sharing a list

  1. Click the Share button.
  2. In the section called Flow Admins, select users or groups to be administrators. List Admins can edit values, change the settings, and delete the list.
  3. In the section called Flow Members, select the users who can view the values in the list. You can additionally assign permissions to edit the values or share the list with others.
When someone with admin or edit access calls up a list when creating a form, they can change the values directly from the form creator, which also changes the list values everywhere.

Duplicating a list

  1. Click the More options button ().
  2. Click Duplicate list.
  3. A popup will appear with the default name of the new list as Copy of <original list name>.
  4. Change the name and click Duplicate

Configuring security settings

The security settings define which flows can look up values in your list.

  1. Click the More options button ().
  2. Click List settings.
  3. By default, all flows have access to your list. Change this by selecting the second option and specifying which flows you want to grant access to.
  4. To remove a flow, click the Remove button next to the flow name.
  5. Click Save when finished.

Deleting a list

Only a List Admin can delete a list.

  1. Click the More options button ().
  2. Click Delete list.
  3. If a list is used by a flow, you will be prompted to remove any dependencies. After removing the dependencies, you can safely delete the list.

Seeing dependencies of a list

On the right side of the list is a section called Used by. This shows all the flows that currently use this list. When a list is associated with any flow you will not be able to delete it until you remove the dependencies.

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