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Every field you create is visible to the user. However you can show or hide fields by default or based on other details in the form. 

To access the visibility settings, open the field and click on Visibility in the left menu.

You can change the default visibility to either Hidden or Visible.

Adding visibility rules

When you add a visibility rule, it will change the way a field shows based on other data. 

To start, click Add Visibility Rule. Then choose if you are setting the conditions for the field to be visible or hidden. 

Select the field the condition is based on and what is the relationship to the data. 

If you click Add Condition, you can add another condition to be met. You will need to choose if all of the conditions should be met, or any of the conditions should be met. You can also add other visibility rules to the same field. 

Visibility rules for sections

In addition to setting visibility rules for fields, you can set them for entire sections. At the top right of the section, click the Section settings button ().


Let’s say you are creating a travel request form. Some travel requires a cash advance while others do not. 

In the most simple example, you can create a Yes/No field called Advance required? Then, create a separate currency field called Cash advance that captures the amount. 

On the Cash advance field, set the default visibility as Hidden, and set the condition that it is only visible if Advance required? is Yes.  

If you know the conditions when advances are given based on other metrics (length of travel, international travel, etc.), you could also use those fields to hide or show the Cash advance field. 

What’s the difference between visibility and permissions?

Field visibility shows and hides fields based on default settings or other data in the form. In the Permissions section of the process editor, you can make fields editable, read-only, or hidden. These settings are based on what step in the workflow the item is in, not on form data. 

These two different settings can affect each other.

  • If the field visibility is set to Visible, but the permissions setting is Hidden at a particular step, the field will be hidden at that step.
  • If the field visibility is set to Hidden, but the permission setting is either Read-only or Editable, the field will be hidden at that step.

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