User field

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You can use the User field when you want to show a list of users to select in the live form. 


If you select Allow multiple users to be selected, then the person filling out the form can select more than one person.  

If you select Automatically select the first value based on the filter(s), then based on the filters configured, the first value in the User Management table will be automatically selected and displayed in the field.


By default, the User Field will display all the users in your organization. You can limit the users displayed using a filter. You can filter based on the department, email domain, or individual email address. Filters can be made to Match all of the following, or Match any of the following

For example, you can create a filter to only show users from a particular location and particular email domain.


There are two types of validations you can use with a User field:

  • Equal to 
  • Not equal to

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