List overview

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What is a list?

A list is a single column dataset. Forms in your flows can use the list data in dropdowns, checklists, or in checkbox/multiselect fields.

Common list examples:

  • department
  • leave type
  • countries
  • states
  • bank account type
  • payment type

How to use lists in Kissflow

A dropdown list can be used when a single option has to be selected from the list of options. For example, on a paid time off (PTO) process, users can select a single type of leave (sick, vacation, personal, etc.).  

Lists are used in checklist fields. You can add a checklist of items that needs to be completed as a part of a step in a workflow. For example, in an employee onboarding process, some steps might include checklists like IT creating accounts for multiple software applications.

Lists are also used in checkbox/mulitselect fields when you want to let users pick multiple items. For example, in a travel request process, users can select if they need air, local, and/or accommodation assistance.

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