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Access information about your integrations by clicking on your profile image, and then Integrations

Integration dashboard

On the dashboard, you will see data for: 

  • all integrations you created
  • integrations created for processes for which you are a Flow Admin

The wave chart shows the total number of runs for all of your integrations during the selected time period. Change the time period from 24 hours to one year by selecting the dropdown in the upper right side of the screen.

A run is counted every time a trigger fires. If a trigger leads to multiple actions, it still is only counted as a single run.  

The tiles on the right display the total successful and failed runs.

The bar chart shows the number of runs based on the process. If you have multiple integrations set up for a process, the data will be shown in a horizontal stacked-bar chart.

Integration history

The integration history shows a log of all the runs based on date. It shows the process name, integration name, trigger event, status, and time of execution.

Click the arrow on the left side of the row to: 

  • Display the action name inside the integration
  • Try to run the integration again
  • View the API payload
  • See any error message  

You can use the error message when connecting with the Kissflow support team for faster resolutions. 

You can apply a filter to the integration history based on the process name, status, or date. 

Integrations by flow

Integrations by Flow displays all of your integrations and those integrations in processes for which you’re a Flow Admin, sorted by flow.

If you click on a flow, you can:

  • see the list of integrations for that flow
  • see how many times each one has run
  • turn the integration on or off
  • rename or delete the integration from the More options button ()
  • edit the integration workflow by clicking on its name

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